Cottage Veterinary Clinic

The Cottage Veterinary Clinic was our very first clinic that opened in 1991 with a chair, a few drugs and lots of enthusiasm. We were ready for Gordon’s Bay and we hoped Gordon’s bay was ready for us. The “us” were Dr. Beer and Brenda Ann Filon who did everything from reception, accounting and cleaning cages. Brenda has been with us from the beginning and seen us through difficult times, but still stuck it out. Her contribution in the past and present is invaluable to the clinic and we hope our association will continue well into the future. We quickly grew too big for the facility and it was time to move. Our present premises opposite the Spar in Riverside Rd. fits us just right and gives us ample space for the ever expanding retail area. As most of the surgical and medical cases of the Animal Welfare Society are being referred to our Community Veterinary Services we also now have enough hospital space to accommodate all our patients.

In May 2004 we completed The Cottage Pet Salon, fulfilling a need for a well run, veterinary supervised grooming facility. The orginal owner Isobel has since sold the Petsalon to Maria Klaase who is currently building on Isobels good foundation.

Our clinician is Dr. Carike van Loggerenberg and assisted by practicemanager/nurse/receptionist Brenda Filon and receptionist Megan Bassonand Chantal Coetzee. Mavis Ngwane keeps everything neat and tidy.


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