Parkmore Veterinary Hospital

Park Veterinary Hospital opened its doors on 26 May 1986, and has been open every single day since then. The aim of the hospital is to provide an excellent holistic general practice service. The experience of the veterinarians is not only vast in years but the diversity of expertise is great. The hospital has 6 veterinarians who provide 10 hours of consultation throughout week days and are also open for consulting over weekends. After hour services for emergencies are provided for bona fide clients at the hospital by one of the dedicated veterinarians.


The aim of Park Veterinary Hospital is to deliver professional pet and animal care whereby the comfort and well being of the patient is paramount at all times.
24 hour care is available; after hour emergency cases are attended to at the hospital by the veterinarian on call.
Patients are admitted and discharged by veterinarians; this allows for personal and professional discussion and instruction.

Park Veterinary Hospital has custom built modern, clean and spacious facilities. The hospital is well equipped with the latest high tech and required instrumentation.

Services available:
Avian Endoscopy

Vaccination with general wellness examination and parasite control (Ecto and Endo parasite control)
Primary healthcare education and advice
Weight control and weight loss clinic
Nutrition and feeding advice
General health and trauma consultations and treatments for pets
General healthcare and disease consultations for exotic pets, reptiles and birds
General healthcare and disease consultations for monkeys
Medicine case workups and treatment
Access to national and international laboratories (IDEXX)
Intensive care equipment

Tooth extractions, dental scaling and gum disease control

Sterilisation of pets
Trauma cases
Plating, pinning and splinting of fractures

Diagnostic Imaging:
Digital X-Ray Facilities as well as access to specialist certification and interpretation
In hospital specialist diagnostic imaging service
Easy access to specialist services for MRI and CT scans

Easy access to specialist services for Radiation

The veterinarians are ably assisted by a team of experienced, caring and dedicated staff.

Dog Trainer with puppy school and advanced courses

Financial Policy:
All anticipated procedures and the costs pertaining to treatment will be discussed with the owner of the pet. All fees are payable on discharge of patient or at termination of the treatment. NO credit is extended. No cheques accepted. Debit and credit cards, as well as cash accepted.
Pet medical aids recognised.

Dr Thomas Blunden (BSc (Stellenbosch), BVSc (Pretoria), 1981), MRVC
Special interest in exotic avian medicine, surgery and endoscopy.
Special interest in game capture and relocation.

Dr Gillian Roche
 (BVSc (Pretoria), 1980), MRVC
Special interest in pain management and injury rehabilitation as well as soft tissue surgery.

Dr Athol Johnson (BVSc (Pretoria), 1988)
Special interest in joint surgery as well as birds of prey.

Dr Rian van Niekerk (BSc (Pretoria), BVSc (Pretoria), 1980)
Special interest in exotics, especially primates.

Dr Nicolle Gray (BSc (Pretoria), BVSc (Pretoria), 2009)
Special interest in Diagnostic imaging as well as game capture and relocation.

Dr Werner Koen (BSc (Pretoria), BVSc (Pretoria), 2012)
Special interest in exotics and surgery.

Park Veterinary Hospital is situated on the corner of Ronderbult and Kingfisher roads, Freeway Park, Boksburg.The entrance is number 8 Stellen road. Johannesburg, South Africa.

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