Teva Veterinary Clinic

Teva Veterinary Clinic

Welcome to Teva Veterinary Clinicthe home of Teva, the name of our mascot. Teva’s home is also your best friend and companion’s home, a place full of care and compassion. It is a welcoming environment for all your regular visits, whether coming round to buy something to eat or for a check up with da doctor. Teva always makes sure that the doc has the best skills and adviceon hand to provide quality care to his visitors. Teva especially wants to ensure that kindness and care are provided in large amounts when the family comes for a visit. Teva’s world is one where you and your best friend are always welcome.


Teva Veterinary Clinic  Routine Surgery / OperationWe pride ourselves on our high standards for surgical hygiene and anaesthetic safety. Our theatre is equipped with an isoflurane anaesthetic vapouriser (safe enough to use on birds and hamsters) as well as a breathing monitor and a veterinary assistant is constantly monitoring anaesthetic depth. We can perform most surgeries at our clinic ourselves but will not hesitate to refer you to a specialist surgeon if we feel it is in your pets best interest.Teva Veterinary Clinic  Radiographs (X-rays)X-rays are not only a vital tool for diagnosing fractures but also for evaluation of lung health, heart size, intestinal obstruction, litter size and much more. With our brand new digital CR system you are guarenteed top quality radiographic images.


Teva Veterinary Clinic  Weight-loss Centre

We know that those pleading puppy-dog eyes or endless meowing are impossible to resist but excess weight in pets carries the same risks to their health as it does in humans (diabetes, increased arthritic pain, increased strain on the heart, lethargy and premature death). Chat to us about our special Slim-fit weight loss program and low calorie food options.

Teva Veterinary Clinic  Dental Care

Just like humans, pets need regular dental check ups. Good dental hygiene prevents diseases like gingivitis, abcesses and caries that can lead to kidney and heart valve damage. And just in case you thought this was a problem that only affected dogs, 67% of cats seen by the vet have dental disease.

Teva Veterinary Clinic

Puppy Socialization

Socialising your pet when it is young to all the variety the world has to offer (people, other animals, noises, outdoors) is a very important developmental step, even for kittens. It is also a great first step to basic obedience training. Speak to Jeanne, Helen or Kirsten about enrolling your pup or kitten in classes today!

Teva Veterinary Clinic  Access to 24h Emergency careThe helderberg basin vets have got together and formed an afterhour rota system so that you do not have to travel all the way to Cape Town (our closest 24hr emergency centre)with your pet in the case of an after hours emergency. If you call the practice afterhours, a message will tell you who is on call for the evening and how to contact them.Teva Veterinary Clinic  Ultra Sound

When x-rays cant help us, ultrasound can! Ultrasound is a very useful tool in evaluating things like bladder problems, prostate enlargement, pregnancy evaluation, uterine infection, abdominal fluid, abdominal tumours and much more.

Teva Veterinary Clinic


Dr Wilson is trained in Western Veterinary Acupuncture which is a wonderful tool to use for pain control in both cats and dogs. We also have a range of natural and homeopathic remedies for everything from allergies and itching to nervousness when traveling.
Teva Veterinary Clinic

Behaviour Advice & Consultation

Yes, you get pet shrinks too! Our veterinary assistants, Jeanne and Helen have extensive behavioural training and experience and are happy to give you advice and training on any behavioural problems you may be experiencing with your dog or cat. We also love the Tellington-touch approach which helps with behaviour and confidence problems as well as mobility and ageing issues.

Teva Veterinary Clinic  Assistance with Travel

They may not need a passport but your pets need more than you think to cross a border. Give us a call if you are planning any traveling with your pet and we will help you through the necessary tests and paperwork.

Teva Veterinary Clinic  Regular Health ChecksYour pets basic healthcare routine should consist of their puppy/kitten vaccination set (3 for pups, 2 for kittens), sterilisation at 6months, monthly tick/flea control, deworming every 4months, nutrition correct for their life stage, size and needs and an annual health check with their booster vaccinations. Please pop in or give us a call if you would like any help or advice in any of these areas.Teva Veterinary Clinic  In-house Blood AnalysisWhen time is of the essence, an inhouse blood chemistry machine is invaluable. Our state of the art Heska DC-400 enables us to do pre-anaesthetic health checks, monitoring of kidney and liver health and much more – all in a matter of a few minutes! We also do microscopic blood evaluation, glucose testing and anaemia testing and outsource any other blood work and histopathology when neccessary.

Teva Veterinary Clinic  Dog Training Techniques

When Jeanne is not busy with Agility or Search and Rescue training, she is available to give you any training advise you need. Helen has years of experience in the dog training and showing world and is also more than willing to help! Check out our recommendation page for trainers in our area that we know and love!

Teva Veterinary Clinic

Referral Service

In the Cape we are fortunate enough to have access to excellent veterinary specialists in the fields of companion animal medicine, surgery, ophthalmology, dentistry, reproduction/ gynaecology and exotic animal medicine. We will not hesitate to recommend an appropriate specialist if your pet is in need of specialist care. There are also 24hr care centers where we can refer you to if your pet is in need of intensive 24hour monitoring, care and specialist attention.

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