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theglenvetsThe Glens Veterinary Hospital is situated in Glenvista in Johannesburg’s Southern Suburbs. When your canine or feline family pet is in need of their yearly vaccinations or veterinary care The Glens Veterinary Hospital should be your veterinary practice of choice. The staff at The Glens Veterinary Hospital is made up of 3 professional and empathic well qualified veterinarians, 2 friendly compassionate morning and 2 afternoon receptionists who are able to help you with any queries about our premium dog and cat pet foods and over the counter products. Our capable and long serving 6 kennel assistants ensure your pets are well looked after in our clean hygienic hospital wards. Our veterinarians will always take the time to explain and discuss your pets’ diagnosis and treatment plan with you.

The Glens Veterinary Hospital will also do house calls for “at home” pet vaccinations, euthanasia’s and animal collections. This service is strictly on an appointment basis and therefore may not be possible in animal emergency situations, on weekends or at short notice. Please contact The Glens Veterinary Hospitals receptionists on duty for details and to make an appointment.

Please feel free to contact the staff at The Glens Veterinary Hospital regarding any aspect pertaining to the health and welfare of your beloved family pets.

We look forward to seeing you and your furry companions.

“ We are dedicated to the welfare of your pets”


Platelet Rich Plasma Transfusion – now available at The Glens Veterinary Hospital

  • Platelet rich plasma (PRP) utilizes part of the body’s natural inflammatory process to accelerate and enhance healing. PRP is an autologous blood derivative, which means it is a blood product from a specific pet and then administered back to that same individual.
  • Benefits of treament: Used for musculoskeletal pain and inflammation to reduce the intensity and duration of pain and to accelerate healing.
  • Feel free to contact us for more details on how it works and the cost involved.

Small Animal Medicine & Surgery

  • The basis of good quality veterinary medicine and surgery is diagnosis. Once an accurate diagnosis has been made, the best treatment course for your pet becomes more obvious and successful.
  • Dr Kowie Moller, a registered specialist surgeon, regularly uses the modern, well equipped and hygienic operating facilities at The Glens Veterinary Hospital on those cases we believe require specialist surgery.
  • Routine procedures and surgeries are performed by The Glens Veterinary Hospitals qualified veterinarians.

Diagnostic Imaging

Radiography (x-rays):

  • our state of the art digital radiography equipment provides a much clearer image quality and makes correct diagnosis easier.

Ultrasonography :

  • this ultrasound or sonar allows our veterinarians to visualise your dog or cats internal organs painlessly.

Endoscopy :

  • the veterinarian uses a fibre optic flexible tube, which he has inserted orally or rectally into your pet, to directly visualize structures in your pets oesophagus, stomach, intestines or airways.

Comprehensive Dental Care 

  • 70% or our family pets over 3 years old have evidence of dental disease.
  • Early tartar formation can quickly progress to periodontal disease with erosion of tooth roots and the consequent loss of your dog or cats teeth.
  • Perhaps the most important aspect of dental disease however is the absorption of the toxins and bacteria in the mouth due to dental disease into the rich network of blood vessels in the gums and hence the spread of these bacterial and toxins to the other organs in your dog or cats body.
  • Dental disease is often responsible for the spreading of infections to other parts of your pets body e.g. airways, heart and especially the filtration organs of your animal e.g. the liver and kidneys.
  • The Glens Veterinary Hospital has the correct and comprehensive dental equipment to enable a thorough cleaning, descaling and polishing of your family pets’ teeth.
  • Unfortunately in spite of routine oral health care some of our animals still need regular dental work.

In-house Laboratory

  • The Glens Veterinary Hospital has laboratory equipment to analysis your animals blood parameters such as kidney and liver functions within 20-30 minutes ‘in house’.
  • Many of the common infectious diseases that our cats are susceptible to such as feline AIDS and leukaemia, cat flu (parvo virus), Distemper and Ehlicia can be tested for at The Glens Veterinary Hospital with the client getting the results within 10 minutes.
  • The Glens Veterinary Hospital veterinarians are also able to do other routine tests such as forTick Bite Fever, full urinalysis and faecal tests during your pets consultation.

Progressive Anesthetic Protocols

  • The Glens Veterinary Hospital has the most progressive, modern anaesthetic equipment available including routine isoflurane gas maintenance (what most human hospitals use)
  • In our fully equipped theatres, anaesthetic monitoring includes your pets heart rate, respiratory and blood oxygenation monitoring on the relevant correct equipment. This allows our veterinarians to detect any anaesthetic abnormalities quickly and proactive steps can be taken immediately before a problem occurs.
  • The Glens Veterinary Hospital utilizes comprehensive pain management protocols routinely on all animals in the clinic for operations to ensure operative and post-operative discomfort is minimized.
  • Our veterinarians recommend pre anaesthetic blood tests for all procedures requiring anaesthetics especially our geriatric or older pets and those animals that may be compromised for any reason.
  • At The Glens veterinary Hospital we have an oxygenation machine which can be used if any compromised patient needs pre or post-surgical oxygenation. This is also extremely useful in emergency cases involving pets where increased oxygen is required. E.g. shock or Bull dogs in respiratory failure.

Full range of Veterinary Diets and accessories

  • The Glens Veterinary Hospital stocks all the reputable premium quality dog and cat foods available in South Africa including Hills Science Diet, Eukanuba, Iams, Royal Canin (also breed specific foods), Ultradog, Scientific Veterinary Diet, Olympic and Vets Choice.
  • Our receptionist, who receive continuous training about the contents and benefits of these premium quality dog and cat foods are available to help you choose the correct diet for your family pet.

Flea and Tick Treatments

  • We stock a wide range of good quality tick and flea treatments .It is important to rotate products every 2-3 months to help prevent the buildup of resistance, and to use products at their correct doses and frequency.
  • Our reception staff would be able to advise you on what the best product for your individual needs would be.
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